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Turn your event into a memorable affair with 360 Orbit Booth Rental by capturing every perspective in a captivating 360-degree view. Our cutting-edge technology brings a new dimension to event photography, making your celebration exceptional.

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The Ultimate 360 Orbit Booth Experience

The 360 Orbit Booth Rental from Soundgirl takes event photography to a new level. Our state-of-the-art booth captures every laugh, dance move, and memorable moment in a 360-degree view, making your event stand out.

How the Photo Looks

Elevate Your Event with a Photo Booth Experience

With Soundgirl 360 Orbit Booth Rental, every event becomes a story from multiple perspectives. This innovative photo booth captures the essence of your celebration in a way that traditional photography cannot.

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Immerse in the fun with our extensive selection 360 Orbit Booth. Discover our latest pricing for a complete event experience that you and your guests will cherish.

Why we love it

Captivating 360-Degree Capture

Our 360 Orbit Booth surrounds guests with 360-degree video capture, ensuring every angle is covered. It's perfect for capturing the energy and excitement of dances, reactions, and group interactions in a way that traditional photo booths can't.

Interactive and Engaging

This booth is more than just a camera; it's an interactive experience. Guests can engage with the booth, creating fun, dynamic videos. The spinning camera adds a layer of excitement and novelty, making it a hit at any event.

High-Quality Video Output

The 360 Orbit Booth delivers high-quality video captures, ensuring every detail is crisp and clear. Whether a heartfelt moment or a high-energy dance, the booth captures it with exceptional clarity and vibrancy.

Transform Your Event with Our 360 Orbit Booth

Elevate your gatherings with an immersive and engaging experience with our 360 Orbit Booth! Our cutting-edge technology captures every angle, creating mesmerizing 360-degree photos and videos. Guests will be captivated as they relive the moment from every perspective. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or special celebration, our 360 Orbit Booth adds a unique dimension to your occasion. Take the chance to make memories that truly orbit around you. Elevate your event with us today!

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A 360 Orbit Booth is an innovative photo booth that captures 360-degree videos of guests, providing a dynamic, all-around view of the fun and excitement at your event.

It adds a unique, interactive element to your event, capturing moments in a fun and dynamic way that traditional photo booths can’t, creating lasting memories.

Absolutely! It’s perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, and more, offering a unique experience for guests of all ages.

Yes, our 360 Orbit Booths can be customized with backdrops, props, and overlays to match the theme and style of your event, ensuring a seamless integration into your celebration.

Guests can easily access and share their 360-degree photos and videos through digital means, such as email, social media, and online galleries, allowing them to relive and share their unique event experience.

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