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Our Glam Photo Booth Rental gives you a customized smoothing filter. It eliminates spots, blemishes, and uneven tone and gives you a radiant look that is just flawless and celebrity-like. There are both black and white and color options available. You can select any one of them according to your choice and event.

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Glam Booth

Experience the Ultimate Style with Our Glam Photo Booth

Our Glam Photo Booth Rental gives you the chance to have the experience of celebrity-looking style. As is shown by the name ‘Glam’, it adds a glamorous touch to your clicks. This photo booth is perfect for weddings, corporate events, and official events. It has both black and white and color options, according to your needs. The Glam Photo Booth gives you Hollywood magic with a blemish-free tone. The feature of a custom smoothing filter offers perfect skin that glows like a mirror. This glam magic of Kardashian style is so costly and is affordable only by celebrities.

How the Photo Looks

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Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience with our Glam Photo Booth Rental

If you want something amazing for your event, our Glam Photo Booth Rental is the best addition to your celebration. You can create lasting memories of your friends and family with our Glam Photo Booth. It adds the elements of fun and glam magic to parties, weddings, and corporate events. Our Glam booth entertains the guests by capturing the best moments of the events. We provide the most experienced team for its setup and operative work. It will be a great experience for you. Your guests will also enjoy stress-free moments with us.

Glam Photo Booth Rental New Jersey
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Capture Fun Moments with Our Glam Photo Booth Rental

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Why we love it

Smoothing Filter

The smoothing filter is a personalized feature. It removes spots, acne scars, or any unbalanced tone that reduces elegance. This glam filter makes your skin texture smooth and even by giving a celebrity-like glowing look to you.


Another personalized feature that our Glam photo Booth offers is logo watermarking. You can give a customized touch to print and digital copies by creating monograms, dates, names, and so on.

B&W or Color

Our Glam Photo Booth offers options like black & white and color tones for your guests, creating unforgettable moments. You can choose any of them. Glam Booth gives you high-tech, stunning clicks according to your specifications.

Choose any Customized Option from Our Glam Photo Booth Rental

You can make your photos unique by utilizing a range of customized options. You will have to choose photo props, backdrops, and photo templates perfectly suitable for your event’s theme. There are social media sharing options too in our Glam Booth Rental. By following that you can share your precious moments on social media. Moreover, you can customize your brand with logos, names, slogans, texts, and hashtags. Avail a chance to create a memorable and enjoyable experience with our Glam Booth Rental.

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For the setup of the Glam Photo booth, the minimum recommended space is 8×8 feet. It is ideal for proper working, guest interaction, and lighting.

The Glam Filter enhances the photo quality by giving it a smooth skin tone, and glow eliminating the flaws and scars. You can get this specific feature from the Glam Booth interface. It creates immediate effects on your printed and digital visuals.

The Kardashian style applies to the glamorous look that is usually associated with celebrities. The word came from the “Kardashians” who popularized this highly admiring photography. With the help of a glam filter, you can also achieve this style and flawless look. It reduces all blemishes and makes your skin glossy. You can have an experience of a luxurious feel. It would be just like a celebrity’s social media image. By Glam Booth services you can give your guests a VIP experience of photography in your events.

The Glam Booth package is so fascinating. It includes flawless images; GIFs and Boomerangs, backdrop options, instant prints ranging from 2″x6″ to large 4″x6″ prints, social media sharing, an attendant’s assistance, set up with one-hour early arrival and an online gallery facility.

The cost of Glam Booth Rental varies because it depends on many factors. For example, Event duration, location, number of guests, and specific date. To get a particular quote according to your demands, you will have to fill out the form present on our website. We will send you a crafted estimate that is up to your requirements.

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