How much is a 360 Photo Booth Rental cost

360 Photo Booth rental

Capturing memories at events has undergone a dramatic transformation, with 360 photo booths leading this exciting shift. Planning your next event? You might be curious about the costs of incorporating this state-of-the-art entertainment feature. Let’s delve into the factors that affect 360 photo booth rental costs and what you can anticipate financially.

Key Factors Affecting Rental Prices

Event Duration

The duration of your event plays a significant role in calculating rental costs. Many companies provide packages based on hourly rates, usually offering options from 2 to 6 hours. Extended rentals often benefit from reduced hourly rates.

Location and Travel

Your event’s location can impact the final price. If it’s far from the rental company’s base, you may incur additional travel fees. Always clarify if these are included in your quote.

Features and Customization

Basic packages usually include the booth, an attendant, and standard props. However, costs can increase with add-ons like:

– Custom backdrops

– Personalized digital overlays

– Social media integration

– Instant printing options

Seasonality and Demand

Like many event services, 360 photo booth rentals may cost more during peak wedding season or on popular dates like New Year’s Eve.

Average Cost Ranges

While prices vary based on location and specific requirements, here’s a general guide:








Remember, these are averages. High-end customization or premium locations can push prices higher.

Maximizing Your Investment

To get the best value for your money, consider these tips:

1. Book early to secure better rates and availability

2. Compare packages from multiple providers

3. Ask about off-peak discounts

4. Consider bundling with other event services

Is It Worth the Cost?

While 360 photo booths may seem pricier than traditional photo booths, they offer unique benefits:

– Immersive, shareable content

– Higher engagement from guests

– Modern, tech-savvy appeal

– Potential for viral social media moments

These factors can make them a worthwhile investment for creating lasting memories and buzz around your event.


The price of renting a 360 photo booth can fluctuate significantly depending on your particular requirements and event specifics. Generally, prices fall between $200 and $1,100 or more. However, the exceptional experience and superior quality often make the expense worthwhile. By recognizing the elements that affect pricing and adhering to our recommendations, you can discover a package that aligns with your budget while enhancing your event with a memorable feature. Be sure to obtain quotes from local vendors to secure the best deal for your circumstances.

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