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With our Selfie Photo Booth Rental, every precious moment can be captured. Our Selfie Booth is the best device for every perfect and memorable click. That delivers interactive and fun-catching photography. You will enjoy that!

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The User-Friendly Experience with Selfie Photo Booth

In the range of Photo Booths, Our Selfie Photo Booth Rental is the modern one that is designed to be hit on social media. It boosts your social presence by sharing options. Its features include a sparkling ring of light and the touch screen is practically manageable and easy to use. 

These qualities make it worthwhile among the booth family. Due to its compact size, you can easily move it wherever you want. Its design having simplicity and grace in it, makes it easily operated for every age and type of person. The presence of an adjustable head is another latest feature. With the help of it, you can click the perfect and desirable pose anywhere.

How the Photo Looks

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Choose a Customized Option for Your Brand

You can make a specific design of your brand’s logo with our Selfie Photo Booth Rental services. You can opt out of any style that is suitable for a particular event. You can not only customize the exterior wrapping but also alter the welcome screen and high-tech photos of your own choice. In addition, customized surveys can also be designed. In response to that quick feedback from customers would be there for your products and services!

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The Reasons Why We Should Give Preference to it

Memories Keep-Alive with Just a Click

Selfie Photo Booth Rental is perfect for making lasting memories. Guests can capture photos with fun props and creative backgrounds, ensuring the essence of the occasion is joyfully preserved forever.

Customization is an Amazing Feature

The customize option is the best feature of Selfie Photo Booth Rental. You can select any option of particular props, backdrops, frames, color, size, or direction. For adding text, name, logo, and style to your photos, there is also a customized option for that.

User-Friendly/Easy to Use

Selfie Photo Booth Rentals are user-friendly, making them perfect for any event. Easy-to-follow instructions let guests instantly capture and share photos on social media, creating fun, excitement, and online buzz for your event.

Highlight Your Events with Selfie Photo Booth Rental

Our photo booths are perfect for different occasions like weddings, birthday parties, official gatherings, festive ceremonies, etc. Guests can use these booth rentals to take numerous clicks full of fun props and a variety of backgrounds. They give an alluring and interactive touch to your memorable events. According to your event’s particular theme, you can customize your photos with name, date, logo, or any text. Our Selfie Station Rental can capture the memories and make them everlasting and fresh. So, make sure to highlight your celebrations with our Selfie Booth Station!

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Selfie Station Photo Booth is a computerized photo booth that is iPad-based and installed with LED lighting. A lot of fun is created by photos, gifs, videos, and random as well as posed clicks through it. It is a big entertainment and exciting experience for guests. It can be fit to any environment and place due to its simple and compact size. It is so easy to use and there is no need for any attendant to operate it. 

 Selfie Photo Booths cover a wide range of events. They are suitable for almost all kinds of occasions. For example wedding and engagement ceremonies, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, academic events, personal and official events. They offer a lot of entertaining and delightful opportunities that are also interactive for guests to take memorable clicks.

Photo booth rental service usually gives the photo booth machine, fun props for photos, and a backdrop. For the assistance of guests, there is also an attendant. It includes many photo sessions during the rental duration. Some of the packages provide you with extra services of customized photo templates and online gallery sections.

The required space for setting up a selfie photo booth is a 6×6 ft. area. It produces excellent photo quality. But it should be near the power outlet and the location must have an adequate amount of light.

It depends upon many factors including the duration of your event, the required number of booths, advanced accessories, experience-based needs, speedy shipping costs, the quality and technology of apparatus, etc. For an estimated amount within your budget, just fill in the form on our website and we will be there for your customized demands.

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